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Wellness Connection

Wellness CenterThe Greater New Bedford Community Health Center Wellness Center is dedicated to helping patients live an active and healthy lifestyle.

Our highly trained and qualified staff offers education and support on:

Wellness Center Director:

Joyce Dupont, Director, MSHA, MLT, ASCP

Nutrition & Weight Management Program

child with appleThe Wellness Connection offers one-on-one counseling, education and support groups on a variety of nutrition issues with a Registered Dietitian who is also a Certified diabetes Educator. This is essential for anyone with cardiovascular disease, Diabetes, hypertension and weight-loss goals.

Group Lifestyle BalanceTM

The program helps individuals reach and maintain a healthy balance between eating and physical activity. There are 22 structured sessions designed to help patients make lifestyle changes to prevent diabetes or to prevent or treat the metabolic syndrome.

Appointments can be scheduled by calling the office at the Wellness Connection at 508-992-6553. For any information on individual appointments or nutrition groups, you can contact Janet Forfia-Vecchione, RD. directly at 508-992-6553 ext. 157 or through her email:

Nutritionist: Janet Vecchione, RD, CDE

Diabetes Program

Greater New Bedford Community Health Center offers patients a personalized Diabetes care plan that fits their lifestyle. Our Certified Diabetes Educators, dieticians and nurses will help you address such common concerns as

Conversation Maps Education Groups

This group meets for 4 - 1 ½ hour sessions. The group is educational as well as supportive. The sessions are designed to help clients relate the information discussed to their personal health concerns with Diabetes.

Diabetes Educator: Heidi Rezendes, BSN, RN

Stop Smoking for Good! Tobacco Cessation Program

Squish pack of cigarettesThe Greater New Bedford Community Health Center offers an individual smoking cessation program to help individuals quit smoking by using self-help measures and support.

Tobacco Treatment Specialists are committed to working with clients, on a weekly basis for eight to ten weeks throughout their quitting phase. Follow-up appointments are offered every three months for the first year.

Most insurances are accepted. If patients' Providers are located outside of the Health Center, referrals may be required. Uninsured patients are also accepted.

Ongoing support groups are available to those who have participated in our program.

Benefits to Quitting

After 2 hours: nicotine and carbon monoxide start to clear out of your system

After 6 hours: heart rate and blood pressure decrease (may take up to one month to return back to normal)

After 12 hours: carbon monoxide exits your system, lungs work more efficiently

After 2 days: sense of taste and smell improve, your breath, hair, fingers, and teeth feel cleaner

Within 2 months: energy increases, breathing improves, circulation to hands and feet improves

Within 3 months: cilia (hair-like cleaning system in your lungs) recover and remove mucous

After 1 year: lung cancer risk decreases and heart disease risk decreases to half that of smokers

Smoking Cessation Counselor:
Dorothy Cabral, LPN, AAS, CPT, TTS

The Healthy Weight Initiative

The GNBCHC is now offering clinic appointments for pediatric patients (ages 2-18 years old) who have a BMI > 85%.

Eligible patients will have a comprehensive intake visit with our Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, Health Center Nutritionist, & HWI Case Manager. Patients will come in for monthly follow up visits to receive support and to evaluate their progress.

Goals of the HWI:

Partners in this program include Working with Mass in Motion KIDS, New Bedford YMCA, and New Bedford Schools.


Community Health Worker, Kimberly Alvarado

Assistant Program Coordinator, Rebecca Levasseur, AS


Appointments can be scheduled by calling the office at the Wellness Connection at


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